Fields of honor - Castillon - July 1453 (BD)

After a tome on Valmy, which we had the pleasure to present to you, the collection " Field of Honor »From Delcourt editions opens a new section devoted to a crucial battle in the history of France: the battle of Castillon which took place on July 17, 1453. A fun way to (re) discover this key moment in the Hundred Years War and the reconquest initiated by Charles VII.

After Joan of Arc

In the world of comics, the Hundred Years' War is usually only dealt with through the Johannine episode. The continuation of the reign of Charles VII and the continuity of the French reconquest of the English possessions is only rarely approached by the ninth art. Thierry Gloris's scenario is therefore an exception by opening up on the execution of Joan of Arc and by focusing on this key battle which marks a decisive turning point in the conflict, definitively destroying any English hope of reconquering Normandy and regain a lasting foothold in Aquitaine. With the death in this battle of the main English protagonists of the Johannine epic, this battle truly marks the end of a cycle. This end of the cycle is also wider for the screenwriter, who presents the battle as a marker of the end of an era of chivalry and the birth of a more modern and technical war. This idea is put forward by the confrontation between three men: the Lord of La Palice and the Bureau brothers. La Palice embodies the very best of French chivalry and all that it represents in panache, epic cavalry charges and respectful relations with an enemy of the same rank, of the same nobility.

A little-known battle

The Bureau brothers, at the head of the King's artillery, for their part embody modern warfare, technical, entrusted to commoners and based on science to achieve efficiency above all. The bullet of the bombard undermines the walls and impresses the troops, not making the difference between the vulgar pedestrian and the blue-blooded rider.

If the Breton cavalry comes to complete the French victory, it is obvious that the artillerymen played a preponderant role no longer only using their pieces as siege weapons but by firing directly on the English troops mounting the assault. Cantillon therefore marks the annals of military history. This battle, often unknown to the general public, therefore had its place in this collection devoted to the battles that marked our national identity.

Champ d'Honneur, Castillon July 1453, Editions Delcourt, 2016.
Screenplay: Thierry Gloris
Drawing: Gabrielle Parma
Color: Dimitri Fogolon
Cover: Ugo Pinson

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