CAPES: Roman West (dir. F. Chausson)

Among the historical questions asked this year at CAPES, we had "Rome and the West, 197 BC. Unmissable work since we know that this question is once again on the CAPES 2010-2011 program.

We are not dealing here with a textbook, but with a collection of articles focusing on one part of the program; The work is indeed captioned "Senators, Knights, Military, Notables in the Western Provinces. Spain, Gaul, Germanies, Brittany ”. He intends to address the question on the program through "human destinies [...] placed in a geographical, political and chronological context". Note that it does not cover the islands of the western Mediterranean (except the first article), or Rhaetia, which are on the program.

This therefore gives us very precise and pointed articles, which cannot be taken to approach the subject in general terms like textbooks, but which are particularly interesting to support essays with original and varied examples. We can cite among them the case of the knight Fufius Cita, died in Cenabum during the Carnute revolt of 52 BC. JC when he was in charge of supplying the legions, which allows us to discuss the importance of the Roman investment in Gaul at that time and their logistical difficulties, which generated revolts among the natives (article by B. Rossignol); you can also learn about the fate of entire families, such as Aurelii Fulvi of Nîmes under Vespasian and Domitian (article by F. Chausson) or the Fabii in the 2nd century BC. JC (article by C. Berrendonner). Finally, the administration of the provinces is also discussed there, with for example the articles by M. Christol on the "census in the provinces, its officials and their activities", or that by B. Rossignol on the career of Domitius marsianus and its administrative missions on the census, the mines and the inheritance in Gaul and in Germany under Marc-Aurèle.

The authors will probably be known to certain CAPES candidates, since most of them are professors or lecturers at Paris I Sorbonne (Michel Christol, professor emeritus; François Chausson, professor; Benoit Rossignol, Pierre Cosme, Antony Hostein, Clara Berrendonner: lecturer); Helped by Patrice Faure of the University of Le Havre and Sébastien Durost, doctor of archeology at the University of Besançon, they are specialists in these questions.

A book that may be difficult to access for the "simple amateur" of the Roman Empire, but essential for the candidate for the competition, this year (for the oral exams) and next year.

Roman West: senators, knights, soldiers, notables in the Western provinces (Spain, Gaul, Germanies, Brittany), edited by F. CHAUSSON (Paris I), Errance, Paris, 2010, 327 p.

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